Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #20 - Plus FREE Gifts: Dalek stationery set

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Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #20 - Plus FREE Gifts: Dalek stationery set

FREE Gifts in this issue include: Dalek stationery set.

A total of 363 Issues were released between 2006 and 2015 and they included "FREE" items with each issue. Many of these items were taped to the magazine itself so finding "Mint" copies is almost impossible (please keep this in mind when ordering - we will ship our best condition copies to you)

These issues are A4 sized (11-3/4" high x 8-1/4" wide) (297 x 210mm)

All of our issues are new as received from the UK at the time - they were never distributed outside the UK making them very collectible and hard to find.



Get the lowdown on The Runaway Bride and the latest Who goss in the new year with Doctor Who Adventures issue 20!

You can read about Donna the bride in the fact file, find out our favourite moments from the exciting Christmas episode and take a fun quiz - so make sure you watch The Runaway Bride closely!


Also in this issue:


- We’ve got an exciting adventure guide to the 2005 episode Dalek. - Get all the doggy data you need about robot dog K-9. - Help protect Donna in our picture search. - Your questions answered in Who Knows? - The Doctor, now travelling alone, lands on a dangerous new planet in a new comic strip. - There are 4 posters of a Dalek, Cyberman, The Doctor and the Empress & The Runaway Bride. - Win loads of goodies! - All this, plus loads of fun and puzzles and monsters!


The issue comes with an amazing Dalek stationery set! Don’t miss it!