Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #29 - Plus FREE Gifts:

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Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #29 - Plus FREE Gifts:

FREE Gifts in this issue include: a Cyberman, Sycorax, Ood and Dalek Sec inflatables plus part two of a giant TARDIS poster.

A total of 363 Issues were released between 2006 and 2015 and they included "FREE" items with each issue. Many of these items were taped to the magazine itself so finding "Mint" copies is almost impossible (please keep this in mind when ordering - we will ship our best condition copies to you)

These issues are A4 sized (11-3/4" high x 8-1/4" wide) (297 x 210mm)

All of our issues are new as received from the UK at the time - they were never distributed outside the UK making them very collectible and hard to find.



You might have to wait for season three of Doctor Who, but don’t worry – the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures is out to help fill the gap!

But be careful – inside this exciting edition you’ll find danger and monsters on every page…


Feel the heat with our preview of 42 (ooh, ouch, hot) and hide from the scarecrows as we look at Human Nature (scary!).


Also this issue:


Monsters – find out facts about big face himself, the Face of Boe. Poor old Boe. And learn about Dalek Sec’s new look in our pull-out monster guide.


Comic strip – more comic danger for the Doctor and Martha in part two of The Skrawn Inheritance.


Adventure guide – read our fact-packed feature on the first episode of the third series, Smith and Jones.


Win – grab loads of cool stuff!


Fun stuff – help the Doctor and Martha escape Florence and the Judoon.


Who knows? – your Doctor Who questions answered. Do YOU know what happened to Margaret Slitheen or why Cyber Yvonne Hartman attacked the Cybermen? Find out here!


Posters – this issue we’ve got posters of Daleks, the Lazarus monster, Judoon and the Doctor and Martha from The Infinite Quest.


PLUS all your usual favourites!


The issue comes with a choice of two different inflatable monsters:
Dalek Sec and Ood or Sycorax and Cyber Controller.
Who will you choose?


There's also the second part of our huge TARDIS poster for your wall.