Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #16 - Plus FREE Gifts:

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Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #16 - Plus FREE Gifts:

FREE Gifts in this issue include: Dalek stickers and a TARDIS Alert door hanger.

A total of 363 Issues were released between 2006 and 2015 and they included "FREE" items with each issue. Many of these items were taped to the magazine itself so finding "Mint" copies is almost impossible (please keep this in mind when ordering - we will ship our best condition copies to you)

These issues are A4 sized (11-3/4" high x 8-1/4" wide) (297 x 210mm)

All of our issues are new as received from the UK at the time - they were never distributed outside the UK making them very collectible and hard to find.



Cybermen invade the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures!

We take a look at the Army of Ghosts and there’s also a look behind the scenes to discover how long it takes a Cyber actor to get into his costume.


Find out more about Rose and Sarah Jane’s clash when they met in School Reunion - who do YOU think met the scarier monsters?


H is for the horrible Hand of Fear in our Monster A to Z - our handy guide to Doctor Who aliens. The cut-out-and-keep Doctor’s Data is all about the Cybermen, essential if you want to beat them. And you can become a Sycorax with this issue’s monster mask…


We’ve got posters of the Doctor and Rose, the Krillitane and the evil Dalek Sec… plus all the usual puzzles and prizes.


This issue comes with free Dalek stickers and a TARDIS Alert door hanger.