TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #15 (June/July 2009) 100 pages

TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #15 (June/July 2009) 100 pages
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Direct from the Hub! 
Torchwood magazine returns with 100 pages of essential features and interviews to give you your fix from the Hub in the build up to Children of Earth. In the latest 100-page issue we talk to the irrepressible John Barrowman and other members of the cast and crew, bring you brand new Torchwood stories, look back at series one with our comprehensive episode guide, and much more.

Children of Earth: Exclusive Coverage 
Torchwood magazine takes you behind the scenes of Children of Earth in the latest issue with an exclusive report from the set in the final week of shooting. We also bring you a photo preview of each of the five days of the new series, with a commentary by writer and executive producer Russell T Davies. Plus, Torchwood script editor Brian Minchin tells us why Children of Earth is going to be epic, and one of the show’s new faces for the new series, Rik Makarem (who plays one Dr Rupesh Patanjali) reveals all about his Torchwood experience.

A new Comic Strip saga begins 
An old enemy checks in at the start of ‘Broken’, a brand-new comic strip story by Gary Russell, with artwork by Adrian Salmon, featuring in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine. Imagery from the comic strip features in an image gallery on our Facebook page

Revisited: Greeks Bearing Gifts 
Torchwood magazine takes a detailed look back at Greeks Bearing Gifts - the series one favourite that saw Toshiko receive an alien pendant that enabled her to read minds - with devastating effects! Plus, we interview the actress who played Mary, the mysterious woman who seduced Tosh in a bar and gave her the trinket. Daniela Denby-Ashe, star of My Family and Eastenders, talks about bringing together Mary’s many sides - lover, fighter, victim, killer - in one perfect package.

John Barrowman sets pulses racing for the new series of Torchwood 
He told Torchwood magazine:"The new Torchwood story drags up a lot of people's secrets, and we all like to see that, don't we? It's the kind of story that, once you start watching it, you will be hooked. Even if you've never seen Torchwood before, you're going to fall for these characters, and you're going to go with them on an amazing journey that will be the biggest rollercoaster ride of their lives."