TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #13 (FEB/MARCH 2009)

TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #13 (FEB/MARCH 2009)
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In the Can! 
With filming wrapped on Children of Earth, the countdown to series three of Torchwood really starts now! We bring you another exclusive Children of Earth interview in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine – series producer Peter Bennett sheds light on shooting the much-anticipated five-part saga. As ever, the issue is packed with articles, features, interviews and stories dedicated to the exploits of Captain Jack and his team – check out this page for all the details!

The Hub 
We bring you all the news from the world of Torchwood. In the latest issue, the Torchwood studios open their doors for Children in Need, and a report from ‘The Hub’ convention in November, when stars of Torchwood descended on Northampton!

The Children of Earth Interview! 
As post-production on Torchwood: Children of Earth starts, we interview the man producing the series, Peter Bennett. He tells us about his 30-year career, including a stint on Doctor Who, and reveals tantalizing details from the Children of Earth set: ‘You always get a thrill when you see a stunt or an explosion, but what’s really satisfying is when you see those wonderful acting moments. There was one very important scene between two of our leading artists on the side of a mountain. By the end of it, you could have heard a pin drop. There was silence around the monitors, because the acting was so good and it was better than we ever expected it to be.’

In the 1970s, PJ Hammond created Sapphire and Steel, a spooky series about mysterious heroes investigating terrifying anomalies in time and space. Twenty-five years later, he wrote the equally atmospheric Small Worlds and From Out of the Rain for Torchwood. We speak to the celebrated telefantasy writer in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine, and take a detailed look at Small Worlds in our episode guide.

Top 10 Torchwood Moments 
Who could forget the moment when Owen was shot in series two’s Reset? Owen’s final moments were sudden, confused, unexpected and sickening. It wasn’t a hero’s death, nor a meaningful one. It was just a death, and all the harder to deal with for that fact. Indeed, it was one of those moments that you cannot imagine seeing on another show – a genuine Torchwood moment. As well as tragic, some such moments have been funny, scary, or even profound, but all have been powerful and effective. In the latest issue, we count down the very best bits Torchwood has had to offer so far.