Doctor Who Magazine #415 - Death on Mars! (Lindsey Duncan & David Tennant Interviews)

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Doctor Who Magazine #415 - Death on Mars! (Lindsey Duncan & David Tennant Interviews)

Take A Trip To Mars In Doctor Who Magazine Issue #415!

Lindsay Duncan, aka Captain Adelaide Brooke of Bowie Base One, reveals in an exclusive interview in Doctor Who Magazine Issue 415 how her character is put under pressure in the new Doctor Who Special The Waters of Mars...

DWM asked Lindsay, what was it like working with David Tennant? “His energy levels are so high. You think, oh God! In terms of my character, but also in terms of myself, the actor, I desperately wanted to keep up with him, but I have to admit it – I can’t run as fast as him! But I gave it a good shot. I didn’t want Adelaide to drop the ball. I didn’t want her to show any kind of weakness...”

Also in DWM #415:

Space Oddity 
DWM previews of the latest Doctor Who Special, The Waters of Mars and finds out from writers Russell T Davies and Phil Ford about what the future holds for the Doctor...

Russell T Davies pays his own personal tribute to former Doctor Who producer, director and writer Barry Letts in Production Notes.

Hallo Spaceboy 
DWM reveals the the long-awaited results of the competition to ‘Be a Doctor Who Magazine reporter’, and follows the winner as she gets to go behind the scenes of the series – and chat to David Tennant and Russell T Davies!

Dead Man Walking 
The Doctor and Majenta uncover the terrifying secret behind the apparitions in the London Underground in Part Two of the latest comic strip, Ghosts of the Northern Line by Dan McDaid with art by Paul Grist.

Without You 
How different would things be if the Tardis hadn’t taken the Doctor on some of his adventures? Neil Harris uncovers the surprising truth in You Are Not Alone...

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 
Doctor Who stories that nearly made it onto TV are being made at last! DWM investigates how scripts featuring Sil, the Ice Warriors, the Celestial Toymaker and many more are now being realised on audio...

Loving The Alien 
The Watcher continues his essential guide to the Time Lord’s many incarnations and uncovers everything you ever needed to know about the northern Ninth Doctor...

Tin Machine II 
What happened K9 get into battle against a robotic parrot? Find out as The Fact of Fiction looks at Douglas Adams’ memorable Fourth Doctor story from 1978 – The Pirate Planet.

DWM chats exclusively to actor Mark Williams, who brings the much-loved comic strip character of UFO spotter Maxwell Edison to life in the latest Doctor Who audio adventure!

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