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Torchwood: The LIVES OF CAPTAIN JACK Volume 2 - Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set

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Torchwood: The LIVES OF CAPTAIN JACK Volume 2 - Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set
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Captain Jack Harkness - time-travelling con-man, saviour of the Earth, and intergalactic adventurer. He has lived many lives. Here are three more of them.

2.1 Piece of Mind by James Goss

When the Sixth Doctor falls dying into his arms, Jack must carry on in his place. Is the universe ready for a whole new kind of Doctor?

2.2 What Have I Done? by Guy Adams

On the battlefields of World War I, something is hunting in the trenches. Jack must try and save the life of a wounded soldier.

2.3 Driving Miss Wells by James Goss

Alien invasions, stolen planets and burning skies - Newsreader Trinity Wells used to tell everyone the world was ending. One day she stopped believing it. Will her new chauffeur change her mind?


John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
Colin Baker (The Doctor)
Atilla Akinci (Ata)
Hannah Arterton (Callista)
Vikash Bhai (Robert Corman)
Timothy Blore (Nurse)
Lachele Carl (Trinity Wells)
Judith Chander (Mrs Wells)
Laura Dalgleish (Bookshop Customer )
Jacob Dudman (William)
Ché Francis (Ottoman Medic / Waiter)
Jonny Glynn (Allied Soldier / Foxglove Soldier)
Sophie Hopkins (Hayat)
Rhys Isaac-Jones (Allied Soldier)
Prasanna Puwanarajah (Zor)
Maeve Bluebell Wells (Journalist)


  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 205 minutes