TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #7 (August 2008)

TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #7 (August 2008)
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Daleks in the Hub!

Torchwood magazine goes behind the scenes of this year’s spectacular Doctor Who finale, which saw Captain Jack and the team coming to the Doctor’s aid when the Earth faced its darkest hour. Plus, we talk to Graeme Harper, the only director to have worked on the new and classic series of Doctor Who, and who’s now had a taste of Torchwood, too.

Series Three Latest

Torchwood executive producer Julie Gardner announces the full plan for a third series of the show in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine, and tells us what to expect from the five-episode story, to be broadcast over one week in Spring 2009 on BBC1: ‘It will put our central characters in huge jeopardy,' she says. 'We’ll see them pushed to the absolute maximum, then even further. What choices will they make in those circumstances? What sacrifices will they make, personally and professionally? What do they stand for and how do they fight when they’re pushed to the extreme?’

Our Friends Electro

As Julian ‘Ghost Maker’ Bleach (Davros) leads the Daleks into battle in Doctor Who, Torchwood magazine revisits the set of PJ Hammond’s series two episode From Out Of The Rain, to talk to his co-stars, Camilla Power and Craig Gallivan. Camilla, probably best known to audiences for her role in BBC1 drama Waterloo Road, tells us all about the watery world of The Amazing Pearl, while Craig tells us about coming from the set of Footballers’ Wives to play – in the words of the script – the “tousled, sexy geek” Jonathan Penn.

Where’s Your Head At?

In each issue of Torchwood magazine we fire 20 questions at a member of the Torchwood cast, and his time around it’s Eve Myles’ turn. Okay, you’re not going to get any gems of information about what it’s like on the Torchwood set here, or a deep analysis about what makes Gwen Cooper tick, but you will find out why Eve should not be trusted with fruit or pellet guns! And even if you take nothing else from the latest issue of Torchwood magazine, remember this: do not use phone boxes near Eve’s house, because she might shoot you.