TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #6 (July 2008)

TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #6 (July 2008)
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John Barrowman In a bumper interview with Torchwood magazine, John Barrowman casts an eye back on series two of Torchwood and more: “There's tons of stuff there to develop now, all around Jack. It's a huge science fiction world we're creating, and all the time Jack is getting more like the Doctor – with all this history, and his assistants around him. I was thinking about it the other day, and it was a really cool revelation! I had a great big grin on my face for the rest of the day."

Torch Songs From pop sounds to fully-fledged orchestral arrangements, music is an integral part of any episode of Torchwood. Every episode features classic tracks and especially composed music by Ben Foster, and their insistent themes can stay with you for days afterwards. In this issue, Torchwood magazine brings you a handy guide to the music that has featured in the show, with a rundown of all the commercially available tracks, and where to find them. Plus, we talk to Ben about how he gives each episode its orchestral heart.

Gwen’s Men Jack may have the 51st century pheromones, but when it comes to spag bol and spooky dos, Rhys and PC Andy are Gwen's go-to guys – just everyday fellas caught up in her extraordinary world. Gwen and Rhys have gone from strength to strength in series two, getting married and sharing all the secrets of Torchwood, while Andy, never getting enough of Gwen’s attention, showed a new emotional attachment to his work in Adrift, and rose to the occasion when Weevils attacked in Exit Wounds. Torchwood magazine finds out what actors Kai Owen and Tom Price make of it all.