TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #21

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TORCHWOOD Official Magazine Issue #21

In this issue:

‘That Was The Wood That Wasn’t’ : An alternative history of Torchwood the TV series looking back at a history that never was.

‘Everything Changes’ How Torchwood has changed over 21 issues in the 21st century

‘Picture This!’ Children of Earth storyboard feature

Beyond the Hub: ‘Apocalypse Wow!’ A look at the end of the world by Kate Lloyd

‘We Have the Technology!’ Matt Chapman looks at Torchwood tech and the shape of things to come

Interviews and Profiles - Life Goes On: Gareth David-Lloyd who played Ianto Jones talks to Jayne Nelson

‘PC World’: Tom Price (who played PC Andy) talk to Simon Hugo

Comic Strips - Shrouded by Gareth David-Lloyd (Part 1 of 2) (11 coloured pages)