The Prisoner Volume 3 - Big Finish Audio Drama CD Boxed Set

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The Prisoner Volume 3 - Big Finish Audio Drama CD Boxed Set


Based on the classic ITV series.

‘I’m not a number. I’m a free man!’

January 16th, 1967...

Number Six is still trapped in ‘The Village’. Do those who run this place want simply to extract classified information or do they have a darker purpose? Number Six has to believe he will escape. And this time he begins to see a possible way out. But will the price of freedom be too high?

3.1 Free For All

Time for an election in the Village. The regime seems to want Six to stand as a candidate to be Number Two. But when Two’s manifesto seems to be based on the notion of freedom, what platform will Six decide to stand upon? And can there ever be freedom in the Village?

3.2 The Girl Who Was Death

Six finds himself free again, back in London. But how did he get here? An explosion rocks the city and Six must work out who he can trust. Will it be Control, Danvers, Number 43, Kate, Number Two or Potter?

3.3 The Seltzman Connection

Potter and ZM-73 think that if they go back to the beginning of it all, they’ll be able to solve the mystery of the Village. But can Professor Jacob Seltzman really provide all the answers?

3.4 No One Will Know

From London, to Kandersfeld to the Village… Will an end to it all ever be possible?


Mark Elstob (Number Six)
Alicia Ambrose-Bayly (Number 999)
Jim Barclay (Control)
Lucy Briggs-Owen (Kate Butterworth / Number Two)
Richard Dixon (Professor Jacob Seltzman)
Barnaby Edwards (Danvers / Shopkeeper / Marcus Gray / Herr Müller)
Genevieve Gaunt (Number 43 / Anita)
Jennifer Healy (Operations-Controller / Village Voice)
Lorelei King (Number Two)
Glen McCready (Potter / Sir Clifford Earl)
Sarah Mowat (Janet)