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STARGATE SG1 Series 3 - Big Finish Audio CD Bundle of 6 Stories on CDs (Starring Michael Shanks & Claudia Black)

STARGATE SG1 Series 3 - Big Finish Audio CD Bundle of 6  Stories on CDs (Starring Michael Shanks & Claudia Black)
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Both Boxed Sets (6 CDs Total) from the SG-1 Story Line in Series 3


A shooting in the heart of Stargate Command is only the beginning for Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran.

Suddenly it’s friend against friend, none of their allies can be relied upon and they’re the universe’s only hope to foil the latest scheme concocted by the last System Lord, Ba’al.

Will Daniel, Vala and a few of Vala’s less than savoury friends be enough to stop a conspiracy that reaches deep into the heart of Stargate Command and threatens to destroy everything they’ve spent years building?


3.1 Half Life by James Swallow
Daniel Jackson is in custody for a crime and no one believes he is innocent - because Stargate Command has absolute proof of his guilt.

Luckily, one person is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Unluckily, that person is Vala Mal Doran, reformed thief and least trustworthy member of team SG-1.

Can she clear Daniel’s name and help him discover what’s really going on?

3.2 An Eye for an Eye by Sally Malcolm
A visit from Vala’s 'friend' Keto results in the Sun Tzu, Daniel and Vala being sent to investigate a rapidly disintegrating ship.

Once there, they discover evidence of Ba’al’s experiments - but they’re not prepared for what else he’s left behind.

It’s a case of nature or nurture - but will Daniel and Vala make a decision that will save the Sun Tzu or condemn all on board to death?

3.3 Infiltration by Steve Lyons
Having discovered that Ba’al has placed a clone infiltrator close to one of his old friends, Daniel accompanies the Sun Tzu to warn him of the imminent danger the clone poses.

Meanwhile, Vala enlists the aid of some of her former ‘associates’ to track down Ba’al and bring him to justice. But can she trust any of them to complete the mission without betraying her for their own ends?

3.4 Excision by Peter J Evans
A visit to Vala's 'friend' Keto turns into a family reunion when she and Daniel are abducted by Vala's former associate Zoder and the crew of his ship, The Capital Venture.

Zoder has discovered a vast construct in space and plans to strip it of any assets it may contain. But he needs Daniel and Vala's expertise to complete the mission safely. Unfortunately, the group is about to stumble upon a secret which someone is murderously keen to keep quiet...

3.5 Duplicity by Richard Dinnick
A series of thefts from a planet's library piques Daniel's interest, so he and Vala investigate.

With some help from Keto, the pair go undercover in an attempt to find out why the treasures are being taken.

But in a spaceport where the locals find it difficult to trust anyone, are they wandering calmly in front of the barrel of a gun?

3.6 Time's Wheel by Sharon Gosling
While visiting the planet Gezegen, Daniel starts to notice disparities between what he thought he knew and the world around him.

Seeking answers, Daniel gets Vala to contact the Asgard, believing they will have some insight into the changing reality. But once Daniel and Vala discover the full extent of the problem, will they be able to avert the end of the universe as they know it?

And, more importantly, will they want to?



  • Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson / Thor)
  • Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran)
  • Cliff Simon (Ba'al / Aziru)
  • John Banks (Korek / Surtr / Vey / Mansu)
  • Ken Bones (Lerat)
  • Lisa Bowerman (Ranni)
  • Andrew Collins (Keto)
  • Susan Franklyn (Dr Rix)
  • Stephen Hogan (Colonel Olssen)
  • Paul Hyu (Lt Colonel Yin / Airman)
  • Alex Mallinson (Airman / Robot / Jaffa)
  • Harry Myers (Soric)
  • Regina Reagan (Shara Wellan / Skadi / Ratatosk)
  • John Schwab (Major Hunter)
  • Anna Tolputt (La'Rath / Geror)
  • Andrew Whipp (Perran Zoder)


  • Duration: 369 minutes
  • 2 Boxed Sets with 3 CDs in each (Original Issue from Big Finish and now out of print)