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Doctor Who Sixth Doctor Adventures - PURITY UNDREAMED - Big Finish Boxed Set Starring Colin Baker

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Doctor Who Sixth Doctor Adventures - PURITY UNDREAMED - Big Finish Boxed Set Starring Colin Baker
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The Doctor heads back to Earth with Mel and Hebe in tow, little dreaming what lies ahead. Accompanied by their new friend, Professor Patricia McBride, alien threats abound, dangers lurk, and the cost of meddling with time is more than anyone is prepared to pay.

2.1 The Mindless Ones by Paul Magrs (2 parts)
The Doctor, Mel and Hebe visit Sheffield at the behest of Hebe’s best friend, Elise, but Elise has undergone a disturbing transformation. The mysterious Mindless Facility claims to be able to change you for the better - but who decides what that is?

Joining forces with anthropologist Professor Patricia McBride, can the Doctor and his friends save Britain from an insidious alien threat?

2.2 Reverse Engineering by Jonathan Morris (2 parts)
When Patricia is invited to a secretive Swedish clinic by an old colleague, she tips off the Doctor, Mel and Hebe, who go undercover to investigate. Charismatic geneticist Killian Holm offers to restore youth to his wealthy patients, but the truth of his work is far more radical - and far more dangerous!

As an ancient horror reforms beneath the clinic, the Doctor must race to save humanity from an unspeakable temporal disaster.

2.3 Chronomancer by Robert Valentine (2 parts)
The Doctor, Mel and Hebe take Patricia to see 26th century Sheffield, but their trip is cut unexpectedly short. Caught in the crossfire between time-criminal, Khavûl, and dashing ‘chronomancer’, Tannus Vallon, the TARDIS crash-lands back in the present.

With a dimensionally transcendental artefact lost somewhere in the city, the Doctor and his friends must find it before Khavûl can... but with resentments and prejudices finally unmasked, is an even bigger threat about to engulf the world?



  • Colin Baker (The Doctor)
  • Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush)
  • Ruth Madeley (Hebe Harrison)
  • Matthew Brenher (Khavûl / Khavûl’s Suit )
  • Toby Hadoke (Ron / Takeaway Guy)
  • Paul Herzberg (Mr Betterment)
  • Cherylee Houston (Elise)
  • Joseph Kloska (Tannus Vallon / Vallon’s Suit )
  • Stephen Riddle (Killian Holm )
  • Imogen Stubbs (Professor Patricia McBride)
  • Homer Todiwala (Tarek Gamal)

Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs


  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 234 minutes