Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #65 - The 2024 YEARBOOK

Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #65 - The 2024 YEARBOOK
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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition Issue #65



  • A year in the life of the stars of Doctor Who.
  • A look back at the 2023 Specials.
  • The producer of Tales of the TARDIS discusses this nostalgic series.
  • A summary of various instalments of the Doom’s Day multi-media event!
  • Wrarth Warrior actor Robert Strange speaks to the magazine about his role in The Star Beast.
  • A special feature on Goblin celebrity Janis!
  • A report from the Doctor Who at 60 musical celebration at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre.
  • We talk to BBC Audio, Big Finish, Silva Screen and AUK Studios about the various audio 
    offerings over the past year.
  • Doctor Who writers discuss the last 12 months of books and comics.
  • Follow the journey of young fan Piper as she is crowned The Ultimate Whovian by Blue Peter!
  • Alan Barnes and Lee Sullivan discuss their epic Fourteenth Doctor strip, Liberation of the Daleks.
  • We visit a new exhibition of Who props and memorabilia at Gunnersbury Park Museum.
  • A look at the new version of the Daleks… in colour!
  • Archivist Helen Randle on making the BBC’s vast catalogue of information available to the public.
  • A tribute to the Doctor Who luminaries who passed away in 2023.
  • Coming soon… A look ahead to 2024!