Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #46 TOYS & GAMES

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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #46 TOYS & GAMES

The latest Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine is devoted to the many Doctor Who toys and games that have been released since the early 1960s.  


One hundred pages of all-new content includes surveys of the items produced in each decade, a feature on the rarest Doctor Who toy of all, the untold story of 1965’s Zarbi puppets and a ringside seat at a board-game marathon. Other highlights include a detailed analysis of Denys Fisher’s 1970s range of Doctor Who toys and exclusive interviews with the people behind the Dapol, Product Enterprise, Character and BIG Chief collectables.

Editor Marcus Hearn says: “It’s been more than 30 years since Doctor Who Magazine devoted an issue to merchandise, so it’s a subject well worth revisiting. This is the most ambitious Special Edition that I’ve worked on, and it was a real labour of love for all of us.”

Bursting with new information, discoveries from the archive and specially commissioned photography, this is the surprising story of Doctor Who toys and games – told by the people who make, sell and collect them.