Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #27 - The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) - Part 2

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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #27 - The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) - Part 2

The Eleventh Doctor: Volume Two

Discover the behind-the-scenes secrets of the eleventh Doctor's adventures in this DWM special edition!

The Doctor Who Companion: The Eleventh Doctor Volume 2 is researched and compiled by Andrew Pixley and packed with unpublished photos, day-to-day details of the series' production, and thousands of fascinating new facts.


2010 was a landmark year for Doctor Who. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan appeared on television as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond for the first time, in a series of incredible adventures. From the Doctor’s crash landing in sleepy Leadworth, through to his arrival at Amy’s wedding in a rebooted universe, the last of the Time Lords faced many monsters during the course of his travels, including Weeping Angels, Silurians, Autons, Cybermen, Smilers, Venetian Vampires, Prisoner Zero … and of course, the Daleks!


Now, Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes of the Eleventh Doctor’s last seven episodes with an in-depth episode guide — including original storylines, deleted scenes, media appearances, ratings information and thousands of facts about the day-to-day life of the making of Doctor Who — all illustrated with gorgeous, never-before-seen photographs. This collector's edition examines Amy's Choice, The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger and The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang, as well as the specially-made Meanwhile in the TARDIS scenes from the DVD box set.


This is your essential guide to worlds of Doctor Who.


Get ready to discover a wealth of information — but watch out for the cracks …