Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #23 - SARAH JANE SMITH - Volume 1

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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #23 - SARAH JANE SMITH - Volume 1

 What's in this Issue:

 A celebration of one of Doctor Who’s best-loved and most enduring companions – and the TV show of which she’s the star in this 100 page Special from Panini!

The Doctor has been accompanied by countless companions in his adventures though time and space, from his granddaughter Susan to ‘supertemp’ Donna Noble.

But there’s one he holds especially dear – SARAH JANE SMITH, an investigative journalist whom he first met while in his third incarnation. A courageous woman who travelled with him across the universe, fighting Cybermen and Sontarans, Ice Warriors and Zygons, Wirrn and Krynoids; she even witnessed the genesis of the Daleks on the planet Skaro.

When Sarah Jane finally left the Doctor’s side, the Time Lord didn’t forget her, sending her the robot dog K9 as a parting gift. Today, along with her adopted son Luke and her young friends Clyde and Rani, Sarah Jane battles monsters on Earth and continues to have the most extraordinary adventures!

DWM takes you behind the scenes of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, with an in-depth episode guide, including original storyline ideas, deleted scenes, and hundreds of facts – all illustrated with gorgeous never-before-seen photographs.

Plus an extensive brand new interview with Sarah Jane herself – ELISABETH SLADEN!