Doctor Who Magazine #406

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Doctor Who Magazine #406

Doctor Who Issue 406

-The Daleks' Master Plan. 
Back in the 1960s, while the First and Second Doctors were on TV, the Daleks came very close to starring in their own big-budget, full colour film series, made for the USA. For the first time, DWM researcher Andrew Pixley reveals the full story behind the Doctor Who spin-off that never was.

-The Nightmare Begins. 
A brand new comic strip adventure starts for the Tenth Doctor and Majenta, Mortal Beloved by Dan McDaid, with art by Sean Longcroft. Arriving at a bizarre party, terrible secrets from Majenta's past begin to catch up with her.

-The Death of Doctor Who. 
It the end, but the moment has been prepared for. The Fact of Fiction takes an in-depth look at the very last adventure to star Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, a story that redefined the concept of Time Lord regeneration, 1981's Logopolis.

-Daleks in Manhattan. 
Well the Sixth Doctor is. Colin Baker chats to DWM from the Big Apple.

-The Planet of Decision. 
Head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies muses over whether Planet of the Dead will really be the 200th TV Doctor Who story, in Production Notes.

-Devil’s Planet. 
Why on Earth does Neil Harris argue that the Fifth Doctor's last adventure, 1984's The Caves of Androzani, is the one Doctor Who story that should never have been told? Find out the surprising answer in You Are Not Alone.

-Day of Reckoning. 
The Time Team cast their critical eyes upon the Seventh Doctor's only TV encounter with the armoured mutants from the planet Skaro. Join them and discover what they think about the nostalgic 1988 adventure, Remembrance of the Daleks.

-The Dead Planet. 
DWM speaks to acclaimed scriptwriter Gareth Roberts about his work on Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and the forthcoming Doctor Who Easter Special, Planet of the Dead.

-The Daleks 
Nicholas Pegg pays tribute to the greatest Dalek operator of them all, actor John Scott Martin.