Doctor Who Magazine #404 - The Next Doctor (Behind the Scenes)

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Doctor Who Magazine #404 - The Next Doctor (Behind the Scenes)

Issue 404 of Doctor Who Magazine features an interview with Dervla Kirwan, Miss Hartigan in The Next Doctor, who talks about playing the beautiful and ruthless 'lady in red'.

Also in DWM 404:

It may seem like a bleak midwinter with no full series of Doctor Who to look forward to this year. But fear not! DWM is on hand to provide the essential guide on How to Survive 2009

DWM joins the Doctor Who team as The Next Doctor is filmed and reports on the making of the show – featuring never-before-published photos and exclusive chats to the cast and crew, including David Tennant, David Morrissey, Velile Tshabalala, Edmund Kente and Russell T Davies!

It’s a snowy day in the Doctor’s favourite English village. But how does he come to find himself in the within the mind of Maxwell Edison? Find out in The Stockbridge Child Part Two by Dan McDaid, with art by Mike Collins.

The Time Team continue their quest to watch every single Doctor Who story, from the start. Will they give the Seventh Doctor and Mel a frosty reception when they travel to Iceworld in 1987's Dragonfire?

What's it like to visit the sets of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures? Children in Need made it possible for a lucky few to get a guided tour – and DWM was there to help you share the experience

DWM talks to former companion Frazer Hines about lovely ladies, being telepathic and how his character, Jamie, could return to Doctor Who

The Fact of Fiction travels back to 1968 to a land Unicorns and Minotours to reveal the remarkable truths behind the Second Doctor story, The Mind Robber

DWM pops round to see old friends of the Doctor, the Brigadier and Sarah Jane, with a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the finale of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Enemy of the Bane.