Doctor Who Magazine #377 - The Runaway Bride (Catherine Tate)

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Doctor Who Magazine #377 - The Runaway Bride (Catherine Tate)

This issue, Russell T Davies previews The Runaway Bride:

"The Christmas Doctor can't be bogged down in angst," says Russell, "cos that'd hardly make for an interesting adventure on Christmas Day. That's why Donna arrived as she did, at the end of Doomsday, suddenly, so the Doctor doesn't even have time to mourn. Gosh, you'd think I'd planned it!"

Also this issue, there's an in-depth interview with writer Gareth Roberts about his new episode featuring Shakespeare; a preview of The Sarah Jane Adventures Christmas Special; Jonathan Morris explains why Doctor Who is the funniest programme in the history of the universe; the results of the 2006 Season Survey; a review of the past year in the Doctor Who universe; a preview of the new Doctor Who radio series for BBC7; a rifle through the JNT archive; the Watcher's Christmas Quiz; Sorvad presents a festive edition of Space-Time Telegraph; a round-up of stocking fillers in Under The Tree; and the Time Team are shocked by Earthshock! Phew!

Not forgetting, of course, Rose Tyler's comic strip swansong in The Green-Eyed Monster, and all your favourite regular features. Christmas has just come early!