Dark Shadows: CURTAIN CALL - Audio CD #39 from Big Finish

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Dark Shadows: CURTAIN CALL - Audio CD #39 from Big Finish


I stepped off the stage and floated towards the heavens…”

Former mind reader Leticia Faye thought her music hall days were behind her - but charismatic preacher Joshua King has other ideas.

With little persuasion, Leticia becomes part of King’s act; magic mixed with a rabble-rousing call for revolution.

Leticia enjoys the limelight, but is soon plagued by glimpses of a terrifying future.

Is King’s ‘gospel’ all it seems to be? And what ‘role’ does he really want her to play?

Written By: David Lemon
Directed By: David Darlington and Joseph Lidster


Nancy Barrett (Leticia Faye), Peter Brooke (Joshua King), Sheila Steafel (Henrietta Frobisher), Greg Patmore (Ned Porter), Jade Sowersby (Alice Collins), James Lawrence (Patrick Kincaid), Barra Collins (James Samuels), John Chancer (Albert Brown), Alan Flanagan (Father William Flannery), Michael Shon (Police Constable Norman Wicks), Joe Johnsey (Sergeant George Croker)

Number of Discs: 1