Big Finish - Robin Hood: Friendly Fire Audio CD #1.3

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Big Finish - Robin Hood: Friendly Fire Audio CD #1.3


Robin is horrified when a young villager is killed during a skirmish with Gisborne and his men - and the arrow in the boy’s back is one of his own. As an angry mob of villagers descends on Sherwood, Robin refuses to fight on if innocent people are in danger. Shunned by the people he has sworn to protect, Robin is taken to Nottingham Castle by Gisborne. But Tuck, convinced that Robin is not to blame, attempts a daring rescue mission to clear the outlaw’s name and convince him to take up his bow once more. For how else will free men rally to the legend of Robin Hood?

Written By: Trevor Baxendale
Directed By: Mark Wright


David Harewood (narrator)