Bernice Summerfield: #1.6 DRAGON'S WRATH Audio CD

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Bernice Summerfield: #1.6 DRAGON'S WRATH Audio CD


The Gamalian Dragon is ­ a jewel-encrusted statuette captured by the warlord Gamaliel from the legendary Knights of Jeneve after the Battle of Bocaro. It is now sought by Romolo Nusek, apparently Gamaliel's descendent, to prove his right to assume his ancestor's mantle as ruler of the Sector.

When Benny joins a group seeking to find the legendary stauette, she has a secret. No one can possibly find one on Stanturus because she's already carrying it ­ left for her by a murdered colleague.

The trouble is, the expedition does find one and, as a result, most of them are mysteriously slaughtered. Benny realises she and historian Nicholas Clyde must discern the traitor in their midst. Could it be Gilder, the obsequious administrator from Benny's own universiy? Could it be Truby Kamadrich, the famous archaologist? Or might it be the bizarre librarian Reddick, who never leaves Nusek's vaults, protected by an inhospitable volcano?

Written By: Justin Richards
Directed By: Ed Salt


Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield); Richard Franklin (Romolo Nusek); Nigel Fairs (Nicholas Clyde); Jane Burke (Truby Kamadrich); Gary Russell (Mappin Gilder); Jez Fielder (Reddick)

Number of Discs: 1