The Avengers - The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 05: Steed & Tara King Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set

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The Avengers - The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 05: Steed & Tara King Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set


Another four thrilling audio stories, based on the adventures of Steed and Tara King in the TV Comic strips:

5.1 Whatever Next? by John Dorney

Steed sees the future, Tara is out of this world.

After an eccentric scientist correctly predicts an imminent asteroid collision, John Steed and Tara King are dispatched to uncover the basis of his precognitive powers. The answer is stranger than they could possibly have expected...

5.2 How Does your Garden Grow? by Dan Starkey

Steed is kicked into the long grass, Tara can’t see the wood for the trees.

When the plants around an Air Force base grow to prodigious proportions over-night, an explanation is required. The trail leads to an out of the way farm and a potential scientific breakthrough - but there might just be a snake in the grass...

5.3 A Very Civil War by Roland Moore

Steed takes a Cavalier attitude, Tara is target practice.

Steed and King are summoned to investigate a most unusual robbery - where the robbers don’t seem to have been interested in taking the money. How does the mystery tie into a local Civil War reenactment society?

5.4 Mother’s Day by Sarah Grochala

Steed goes house hunting, Tara goes back to school.

Mother has been called back to his Alma mater to present the school prizes - but someone doesn’t want him to survive the ceremony. It’s down to Steed and King to go undercover and stop the assassins from spoiling the day...


  • Julian Wadham (John Steed)
  • Emily Woodward (Tara King)
  • Christopher Benjamin (Mother)
  • Linda Thorson (Tatiana / Gertrude)
  • Mina Anwar (Ada Johnson)
  • Timothy Bentinck (Group Captain Carstairs / Amos Johnson)
  • Louisa Clein (Natalia / Grawling / Corporal Bell)
  • Samuel Clemens (Estate Agent)
  • Nicholas Day (Crispin Pennington-Smythe)
  • Jacob Dudman (Oswald 1 / Oswald 2 (Percy) / Oswald 3 (Graham))
  • Clive Hayward (Plantagenet Jones / Ransome)
  • Glen McCready (Fitzgibbon / Tanner / Dr Stuart)
  • Greg Patmore (Lenny Snade / Robertson)
  • John Scougall (Grimley / Wormwood)
  • Dan Starkey (Brodny / Thrum)
  • Robert Whitelock (Sir Cedric Cramp)


  • Product Format: 4-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Duration: 251 minutes