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Doctor Who: MASTERFUL (Limited Edition of 3000) - Big Finish Special Audio 8 CD set

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Doctor Who: MASTERFUL (Limited Edition of 3000) - Big Finish Special Audio 8 CD set
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A special release marking the 50th anniversary of the first TV appearance of the Master in January 1971.

The Master's finally done it. He's won. He summons his other selves to a celebration of his ultimate victory. And they come - from across time and dimensions. But he's forgotten to invite someone. And Missy's not happy.

Has the Master really conquered the universe? Or has something more awful been unleashed? Something that even all the Masters cannot stop?

Missy is determined to reveal the truth. Because one fact about the Master's existence never changes. No-one can trust the Master.

Not even the Master.


Short Trips - I Am the Master by Geoffrey Beevers

There is a message for you. It comes from a long way, from a dying world. No, not a dying world. A killed world. And the message is from the killer. Please attend carefully. The message that follows is vital to your future… However much longer that may be.


Short Trips - The Switching by Simon Guerrier

Yesterday there were two Time Lord prisoners on Earth – the Master in his cell, the Doctor in his exile. But today the Doctor’s not quite feeling himself. Today he’s seeing things from a different perspective. And today the Master’s going to escape…


Terror of the Master by Trevor Baxendale, narrated by Jon Culshaw

Dr Derek Drake is a National Treasure – he’s going to solve the energy crisis and stop all pollution. Governments and businesses around the world are signing up to his environmentally friendly campaign. So why is the Doctor convinced this great humanitarian and darling of the media is really the Master in disguise?


What could his greatest enemy hope to gain by improving the lives of everyone on the planet? The Doctor must convince his UNIT friends that they now face the ultimate terror – and that the Master may be in as much danger as they are…

An eight-disc CD set, with a limited edition pressing of just 3,000 copies!


  • Geoffrey Beevers (The Master)
  • Mark Gatiss (The Master)
  • Derek Jacobi (The Master)
  • Alex Macqueen (The Master)
  • Milo Parker (The Master)
  • Eric Roberts (The Master)
  • John Simm (The Master)
  • Michelle Gomez (Missy)
  • Jon Culshaw (Kamelion)
  • Katy Manning (Jo Grant)
  • Aurora Burghart (Achim / Carola)
  • Zaqi Ismail (Sardo)
  • Glen McCready (Butler / Castellan / Drones)
  • Gina McKee (The Lumiat)
  • Abigail McKern (Kitty)


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  • Product Format: 8-disc CD (deluxe slipcover book)
  • Number of Discs: 8
  • Duration: 551 minutes

 Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart © Haisman & Lincoln and used under license. With thanks to Hannah Haisman and Candy Jar.