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Doctor Who Magazine #567 - Exhibitions in the 70's

 Doctor Who Magazine #567 - Exhibitions in the 70's
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A Holiday for the Doctor! Exhibitions in the 1970's

Highlights of this issue include:

  • A celebration of the BBC’s Doctor Who exhibitions in the 1970s, from the Science Museum in London to Middlesbrough Town Hall, plus Blackpool and Longleat.
  • 16 pages packed full of previously unseen photos, and memories from fans who were there.
  • A guide to Doctor Who filming locations.
  • Apocrypha takes a trip to Blackpool with The Nightmare Fair, the Doctor’s rematch with the Celestial Toymaker.
  • The Fact of Fiction visits a sinister amusement park in the 2013 episode Nightmare in Silver.
  • An exclusive first-look at the forthcoming Blu-ray Special Edition of The Web of Fear.
  • Tributes to Jackie Lane (who played the First Doctor’s companion Dodo in 1966) and Damaris Hayman (who played Olive Hawthorne in 1971’s The Dæmons).
  • A review of The Collection: Season 24 Blu-ray box set.
  • Results of the 2021 DWM Poll.
  • Sufficient Data explores Doctor Who’s big ideas.
  • Previews, reviews, news, Time and Space Visualiser and more.