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Doctor Who Magazine #443 (Two Alternative Covers to choose from)

Doctor Who Magazine #443 (Two Alternative Covers to choose from)
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This issue of Doctor Who Magazine features an exclusive interview with Robert Banks Stewart, writer of the two highly regarded stories Terror of the Zygons and The Seeds of Doom featuring as this month's choice of covers.

Also this issue:

•Menace from The Past - Two 1960s episodes of Doctor Who, thought lost forever, have been found! DWM presents the first review of Galaxy 4: Air Lock and The Underwater Menace Episode Two, and examines how they were recovered. We also chat to the people who starred in them, including stars Maureen O'Brien, Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills.

•Watch in Wonder! - Writer, actor, novelist and all round gentleman, Mark Gatiss tells of the thrill of watching the recovered episodes – and gives reveals some tantalising hints about his next Doctor Who script – in Production Notes.

•More Janis Thorns! - The Fourth Doctor and Leela are reunited in a brand new series of audio adventures! DWM goes behind the scenes and catches up with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as they prepare to battle the Master, the Daleks, Kraals and more...

•Let's Shoot Hitler! - DWM interviews dynamic director Richard Senior about Let's Kill Hitler, recording special scenes for DVD, and his life-long love of Doctor Who.

•Assassins and Talons and Hands, Oh My! - It was the season that saw the departure of Sarah Jane, the arrival of Leela, and the Fourth Doctor face some of his most terrifying foes... Countdown to 50! continues with a look back to the 70s and Series 14...

•New New York, New New York - The Time Team revisit the year five billion and watch what happened when the Doctor and Rose met Cat Nuns, Cassandra and the Face of Boe. What will Emma, Chris, Michael and Will make of New Earth?

•Gods and Monsters - The Gods are angry and ancient Greece will suffer their wrath! The Doctor, Rory and Amy face the mighty Zeus himself in Part Two of the new comic strip adventure, The Chains of Olympus, written by Scott Gray and drawn by Mike Collins.

•We Love the Doctor! - Romance! Aliens! And the Electric Light Orchestra! The Fact of Fiction puts the Tenth Doctor and Rose adventure Love & Monsters under the microscope, with exclusive additional comments from writer Russell T Davies!

•Money, Money, Money - The Watcher reveals the surprising relationship that the Doctor has with filthy lucre, celebrates another supporting artist, and challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion in Wotcha!

PLUS! All the latest official news, merchandise previews and reviews, a prize-winning crossword, competitions and much more!