Doctor Who Magazine #433 Four Alternative Covers to Choose from...

Doctor Who Magazine #433 Four Alternative Covers to Choose from...
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Issue 433 of Doctor Who Magazine will preview Series Six and includes an interview with head writer Steven Moffat.

Also in this issue: 

•The Whole of the Moon! 
DWM previews the incredible opening story of the new season, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, and talks to stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, as well as writer Steven Moffat and director Toby Haynes!

•Author, Author! 
Steven Moffat reveals more about the writers he’s chosen to script the first seven episodes of the new season – and drops several tantalising hints along the way! – in Production Notes.

•Shh, You Know Who... 
Go behind the scenes of Doctor Who Confidential, as series producer, Gillane Seaborne and producer Zoe Rushton give DWM readers a sneak peak of the new season of BBC Three’s making-of show!

•Lost and Found Ever wonder what Doctor Who would have been like had it continued into the 1990s? 
DWM has the answer, as it talks to writer Andrew Cartmel, and actors Sophie Aldred and Beth Chalmers – stars of a brand new season of audio dramas of The Lost Stories, featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Raine!

•When The Wind Blows 
The Time Team’s quest takes them to Number 10 Downing Street, as they watch the Ninth Doctor and Rose encounter flatulent aliens and a space pig in Aliens of London!

•American Dream! 
It was the only TV outing for the Eighth Doctor – but what an outing it was! Grab onto your motorbike and make sure you’re drezzed for the occasion as The Fact Of Fiction takes a detailed look at the 1996 TV Movie!

•A Battle of Wits 
The TV Movie revealed that the Doctor is half-human – on his mother’s side! But is this revelation quite as shocking as seems? Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon weigh up the pros and cons in A Battle Of Wits!

•All Change! 
It was the most ambitious and important series of Doctor Who to date – 1966/7’s Season Four, the series which introduced the Cybermen, killed off the Daleks and featured the first ever regeneration! DWM remembers this pivotal set of stories as Countdown to 50 continues!

•Nightmare Holiday! 
The Doctor and Amy take a trip to the seaside in the swinging 60s... Or do they? There’s a bad trip just around the corner in Forever Dreaming, a psychedelic new comic strip by Jonathan Morris, illustrated by Adrian Salmon!

•EEEEVIL – Inifinite Eveil! 
DWM catches up with the Master himself, Geoffrey Beevers, and find out not only about his own performance in 1981’s The Keeper of Traken, but also what he thinks about the other Masters...