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The TIME MACHINE - Big Finish Audio Drama CD

The TIME MACHINE - Big Finish Audio Drama CD
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Imagine a man who defies convention. A man prepared to risk everything to push science to its limits.

Imagine a far distant future where humanity has changed beyond recognition. Where peace may come at a terrible cost, and where violent creatures lurk beneath the surface of the Earth.

Imagine a leap into the unknown, into discovery and adventure.

Imagine a journey in… The Time Machine.


  • Ben Miles (The Time Traveller)
  • Nicholas Rowe (Mr Wells)
  • Nicholas Asbury (Mr Filby)
  • James Joyce (Mr Pollock)
  • Anjella MacKintosh (Uweena)
  • Hywel Morgan (Morlock Leader)
  • Christopher Naylor (Mr Naylor)


  • Product Format: 2-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Duration: 120 minutes