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The Paternoster Gang: HERITAGE #3 - Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set

The Paternoster Gang: HERITAGE #3 - Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set
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Victorian London harbours many secrets: alien visitors, strange phenomena and unearthly powers.

But a trio of investigators stands ready to delve into such mysteries: the Great Detective, Madame Vastra, her resourceful spouse, Jenny Flint, and their loyal valet, Strax.

If an impossible puzzle needs solving, or a grave injustice needs righting, help can be found on Paternoster Row.

But even heroes can never escape their past...


3.1 Family Matters by Lisa McMullin

Jenny’s past comes calling at Paternoster Row, as Strax takes care of a guest, and the travelling circus comes to town - spelling danger for some of the gang.

But when family matters intrude on their marriage, the last thing Jenny wants is Vastra having her in-laws for dinner...


3.2 Whatever Remains by Robert Valentine

The Great Detective’s latest case takes Vastra and friends to the Jurassic coast. A local landowner has vanished. The only clue – the footprints of a gigantic creature!

As Strax suffers the attentions of an amorous landlady, Jenny gains an admirer of her own. And Vastra discovers something buried deep...


3.3 Truth and Bone by Roy Gill

Bloomsbury troublemakers Stonn and Tom Foster are back, and in much more trouble than ever before.

Sontar has turned its attention to Earth as Requisitioner Skark looks to retrieve missing soldiers. And Jenny finds Vastra preoccupied with the past, which may lead to a very dark future...



Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra)
Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint)
Dan Starkey (Strax)
Ignatius Anthony (Pa Scarrity)
Annette Badland (Mrs Slinger / Batraxus)
John Banks (Requisitioner Skark)
Beth Chalmers (Flower Seller / Birdseed Seller)
Robert Fitch (Rodger Merripit / Sir Dudley Skelton)
Wanda Opalinska (Irinda)
Robert Portal (Dr Poorgrass)
Christopher Ryan (Stonn)
Jack Shalloo (Barty Crump)
Issy Van Randwyck (Ma Scarrity)



  • Product Format: 4-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Duration: 238 minutes