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The Avengers - Too Many Targets - Big Finish Audio CD (Last ONE)

The Avengers - Too Many Targets - Big Finish Audio CD (Last ONE)
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Two agents are dead, and their murderers sound worryingly familiar. A killer gorilla is on the loose, a deadly disease is ravaging a distant country and an eminent doctor has been kidnapped. It's all pretty much business as usual.

But when John Steed is called in by his old boss and given an appalling task to complete, at the same time as Tara is given one that's even worse, it becomes clear that the myriad threads of a terrifying scheme are drawing together. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Steed won't be able to handle this case alone.

The Avengers are needed. All of them.



Julian Wadham (John Steed)
Anthony Howell (Dr David Keel)
Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol Wilson)
Olivia Poulet (Emma Peel)
Beth Chalmers (Cathy Gale)
Emily Woodward (Tara King)
Christopher Benjamin (Mother)
Hugh Fraser (Dr Cowles)
Glen McCready (Alfie / Charlie)
Robert Portal (Armstrong)
Leighton Pugh (Hunter / Lipp / Marty)
Dan Starkey (Wallace / Charles / Brodny)