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Product Enterprise 2002 Promotional Postcards and folder - DOCTOR WHO TOYS

Product Enterprise 2002 Promotional Postcards and folder - DOCTOR WHO TOYS
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Vintage Product Enterprise Promotional Folder with 5 Postcards


Used from 2001 to 2003


Pre-sell and promotional booklet for shops, stores and dealers.


These were given out at major trade conventions (New York and London Toy fairs) and by the distributors to showcase the product line.


Folder holds the original 5 Postcards


There are the slots for the business card of the representative - not included




Brand New and never issued


This was from stock left over from the New York Toy Fair that was not given out.


(We found a few in an old briefcase in perfect condition when we represented their line in the US)


The first new Doctor Who toys to be made of quality since the 1970's were made by Stephen Walker of Product Enterprise and we were proud to represent them in the US as they launched them. This was before the New Series began so Doctor Who was not on the minds of most stores but the line did incredibly well due to the high quality being put out.


After the release of the little Rolykin Daleks these were what was to come.....


 These promotional items were never intended to be given out to the general public


This is your chance to own a piece of toy history as these do not come for sale often


We photographed a selection of pages to give you an idea of what this book looked like


Folder Sizing = 8.25 x 5.75 folded


Each postcard is = 5-7/8 x 4-1/8


The Folder will be in a protective plastic sleeve