LYTTON from the World of Doctor Who - Set of 4 Comic Books by Cutaway Comics

LYTTON from the World of Doctor Who - Set of 4 Comic Books by Cutaway Comics
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Set of ALL 4 Issues

Intergalactic freelance soldier Lytton has swapped the battlefields of the Five Galaxies for a Soho jazz club.

Everything should be perfect - if it wasn't for the strange noises in the sewers, rumours that vicious aliens stalk the dark alleys and the terrible sense of murder in the air.


Issue 1 Synopsis:
Soho 1975. Lytton and Wilson run a jazz club. The food is divine, the music superb, life is good for the former soldiers. If only there weren’t those strange noises in the sewer and aliens in the darkness. 

Issue 2 Synopsis:
Lytton’s inner sanctum has been attacked, the heart and soul of the Jazz Soiree violated. Investigating this will take Lytton and Wilson to the abandoned Underground station of Aldwych West. Will they escape with their lives?

Beyond the comics, each issue ordered directly from the CutAway Comics will include an exclusive bonus DVD with the following content:

 Issue 3 Synopsis:

Deep underground on a parallel Earth, Lytton and Wilson have joined forces with the mysterious Artemis, but is everyone what they seem? And just what is Mr. Longbody’s ‘problem’?

 Issue 4 Synopsis:

The pursuit of Mr Longbody has unexpectedly led Wilson and Lytton to a parallel Earth, where they have found Artemis, a young woman trapped in an abandoned Underground station. With hunters closing in, the only move left is to flick the switch on the mysterious generator on the platform and see what happens...



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