Doctor Who THE WIDOW'S CURSE - Graphic Novel - Panini Books

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Doctor Who THE WIDOW'S CURSE - Graphic Novel - Panini Books
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Join the Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones and Donna Noble as they embark on a series of extraordinary adventures in space and time, in these exceptional collected comics from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine!

This book features nine amazing stories:

The Woman Who Sold the World

Bus Stop!

The First

Sun Screen

Death to the Doctor!

Universal Monsters

The Widow's Curse

The Immortal Emperor

The Time of my Life!

The Doctor encounters giant robots and little old ladies on the planet Loam, helps Martha survive on Mars (from the safety of a double-decker bus!), joins Shackleton's journey to the South Pole and visits a spooky village on a distant world where monsters dwell in every home...

Meanwhile, a band of disparate and desperate aliens plot the Doctor's death, Donna discovers hell on Earth on the island of Shadow Cay, and a trip to Imperial China proves far more dangerous that the TARDIS crew could ever believe...

Plus! A bumper commentary section where the writers, artists and editors reveal the stories behind the scripts, featuring never-before published sketches, unused and deleted scenes, original story outlines and more!

A 212 Page Softcover Book