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Doctor Who: THE MASTER and AUTON Diorama Statue by WETA - Limited Edition of 900

Doctor Who: THE MASTER and AUTON Diorama Statue by WETA - Limited Edition of 900
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The MASTER and AUTON Statue by WETA

This piece is based on the episode "Terror of the Autons" starring Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor.

The Doctor and his new assistant Jo Grant must battle two deadly threats at once when the Master, a renegade Time Lord and murderous megalomaniac, appears with a plot to lead the Nestene Consciousness and their plastic servants, the terrifying Autons. By murder and subterfuge, the cunning Master takes over a plastics manufacturing facility and turns it to his own uses, the construction of plastic Auton manikins for inhabitation by the disembodied Nestenes. Using hypnosis to bend others to his will and an array of clever plastic weaponry, he sets in motion his master plan for domination and the doing away with the meddlesome Doctor.


This piece is from the third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, and taken from the episode titled "Terror of the Autons."  In this episode, the Doctor is warned the Master has arrived on Earth.

This is the first time we see the Master (played by Roger Delgado). This piece depicts the master in his classic suit pose with the TCE-Tissue Compression Eliminator-and a defeated Auton from the end of the story.


SIZE = Approx. 11.4" in height x 11.8" wide x 11.8" deep.

Released in 2009



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