Doctor Who Magazine #417 - Matt Smith Era Begins

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Doctor Who Magazine #417 - Matt Smith Era Begins

This issue has a brand new design and it features exclusive new interviews with David Tennant, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Steven Moffat, John Simm, Bernard Cribbins and Timothy Dalton.

The new Doctor and Amy Pond, aka Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, give their first ever joint interview – exclusively in Doctor Who Magazine #417!

“There’s a real bond, isn’t there?” says Matt. 
“Yeah,” Karen agrees. “A connection.” 
“That’s wonderful, I think, but also, with that, he’s sort of less tolerant than a lot of Doctors, and she's got a fire in her soul, in her belly, and so they combust together... but there’s great affection and love there, and we're developing that all the time...”

Also in the first new-look issue of Doctor Who Magazine;

The New Number One! 
Doctor Who’s new showrunner and head writer, Steven Moffat, talks exclusively to DWM about the new Doctor, Matt Smith, the new Tardis design and just what we can expect from the thirty-first series of Doctor Who...

Tennant's Extra! 
In the second part of an in-depth interview, the UK’s hottest acting talent, David Tennant, talks candidly to DWM about his future plans, his final line and his feelings on saying goodbye to Doctor Who.

Knock Knock... 
DWM goes behind the scenes of the Tenth Doctor’s ultimate adventure, The End of Time, with exclusive photos and interviews with the cast and crew – including Russell T Davies, Bernard Cribbins and John Simm!

Licence To Kill! 
The name’s Rassilon – President Rassilon. DWM manages to track down the former James Bond and leader of the Time Lords, Timothy Dalton, for an informal chat. You’ll be shaken and stirred!

It's The Thought That Counts... 
DWM catches up with the irrepressible Mssrs John Barrowman and Russell Tovey, aka Captain Jack and Midshipman Frame in an intergalactic bar in an effort to find out just what on earth they were thinking...

Smooth Criminal! 
There are plenty of shocks in store for the Tenth Doctor as he finally discovers the uncomfortable truth behind Majenta’s mysterious past! The brand new comic strip The Crimson Hand, by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty, continues.

Simply The Best! 
He was Doctor Who’s producer during the 3rd Doctor’s era and guided the series to one its most successful periods ever. DWM pays tribute to the life and times of the late Barry Letts, with contributions from, among others, Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning, Terrance Dicks, Frazer Hines, Graeme Harper and Christopher Barry.

You Put The Devil In Me! 
Witches! Gargoyles! And, er, Morris Dancing! It can only be The Daemons, the much-loved Third Doctor adventure produced and co-written by Barry Letts. Travel back in time to 1971 as The Fact of Fiction uncovers the fascinating secrets behind this television classic, with the aid of a plethora of rarely seen photographs!

I Wanna Tell You A Story... 
Steven Moffat reveals just who will penning the Eleventh Doctor’s first series – and why – as he finally fesses up in the new-look Production Notes!

Plus! All the latest official news, previews, reviews, competitions and more... and a giant-sized poster featuring all eleven Doctors!

Step into the future with the new-look Doctor Who Magazine.