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Doctor Who Magazine #400 (Special Poly-Bagged Issue)

Doctor Who Magazine #400 (Special Poly-Bagged Issue)
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David Tennant!

  • Executive producer Russell T Davies looks back over the past five years, in his most candid DWM interview ever
  • An exclusive competition where the prize is the chance to become a DWM reporter and go on the set of the TV series
  • Discover what dangers lie ahead for the Bannerman Road gang as DWM talks to writer Phil Ford and previews the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Former editor Gary Gillatt takes an affectionate look at just what makes Doctor Who the best TV show ever
  • The Watcher casts a nostalgic eye over the past 400 issues as he charts the surprising, amusing and often bizarre history of Doctor Who Magazine
  • The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, joins The Time Team to watch the end of the epic 1986 adventure The Trial of a Time Lord
  • It's the start of a new era for the comic strip as the Doctor discovers a familiar face aboard a prison in space - Part One of Thinktwice is by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty
  • A free, double-sided poster featuring an exclusive image of David Tennant on one side and every single cover of DWM on the other.