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Doctor Who: GALLIFREY TIME WAR - Volume 2 - Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set

Doctor Who: GALLIFREY TIME WAR - Volume 2 - Big Finish Audio CD Boxed Set
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Rassilon has returned – summoned back from the dead, to lead his people through their greatest crisis.

But the Time Lords will reap what they have sown, and the consequences of this resurrection will determine Gallifrey’s fate.

And in among the schemes and strategies of war, Romana and Narvin are losing friends and allies, as they become ever more isolated…

Four new chapters in the Gallifrey saga:

1. Havoc by David Llewellyn

In the aftermath of Rassilon’s return, Romana finds herself at the heart of the War Council’s machinations, with the High Council, the CIA, and the Lord President’s new security force all vying for control.

But then, a mysterious stranger arrives in the Capitol itself. And they bring a terrible warning from the future…

2. Partisans by Una McCormack

When the world of Ysalus becomes a strategic target for the Time Lords and their opponents, Gallifrey takes an interest in the planet’s civil unrest.

But the CIA and the War Council each have their own strategy.

And, as good intentions only make things worse, the true horror of the Time War will be visited upon the people of Ysalus.

3. Collateral by Lisa McMullin

As the scavenging Sythes descend on Ysalus, Narvin discovers how far his people will go to protect their interests.

The universe is discovering that no place is safe from the fury of battle.

Every victory in the Time War comes at a price, and too often it is the innocent who will pay…

4. Assassins by Matt Fitton

Pushed to the brink by Rassilon’s actions, Romana is thinking the unthinkable.

A new threat has breached Gallifrey’s defences. And its target is clear. A race of assassins has evolved at the heart of the Time War, dedicated to one purpose. The Sicari are coming for Rassilon…



Lalla Ward (Romana)
Seán Carlsen (Narvin)
Terrence Hardiman (Rassilon)
Pippa Bennett-Warner (Livia)
Silas Carson (The Sicari)
Samuel Clemens (Mantus)
Stephen Critchlow (Temmis)
Paul Marc Davis (Trave)
Samuel Gosrani (Eris)
Jessica Hayles (Aladra)
Nicholas Khan (Dalia)
Carlyss Peer (Knyla)
Lucy Robinson (Bovari)
Rebecca Root (Cantico)
Abra Thompson (Ysta)