Doctor Who: Big Finish Short Trips #8: REPERCUSSIONS Hardcover Book

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Doctor Who: Big Finish Short Trips #8: REPERCUSSIONS Hardcover Book

Doctor Who Short Trips is a series of themed short story anthologies of new Doctor Who fiction, featuring the Doctor in all of his first eight incarnations. 

They feature stories written by some of the leading names in Doctor Who, past and present, including Paul Cornell, Gareth Roberts, Christopher H. Bidmead, and Paul Magrs. 

Repercussions features 16 tales set on a strange airship taking its passengers on a trip to who-knows-where.

Among the people aboard is young adventuress Charley Pollard, just a few weeks into her life aboard the TARDIS alongside the Eighth Doctor, a man whose past she knows frighteningly little about.

She encounters a diplomat trying to stop a war, a young man seemingly murdered by the Doctor, a tramp, a seismologist, and a republican trying to save the life of his plague-stricken daughter.

One thing they all have in common: an encounter with a strange alien visitor who seemed to help them, but perhaps should have left them alone.


A 246 page hardcover book.