Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #22 - Plus FREE Gifts:

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Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #22 - Plus FREE Gifts:

FREE Gifts in this issue include: 109 sticker set.

A total of 363 Issues were released between 2006 and 2015 and they included "FREE" items with each issue. Many of these items were taped to the magazine itself so finding "Mint" copies is almost impossible (please keep this in mind when ordering - we will ship our best condition copies to you)

These issues are A4 sized (11-3/4" high x 8-1/4" wide) (297 x 210mm)

All of our issues are new as received from the UK at the time - they were never distributed outside the UK making them very collectible and hard to find.




The issue comes with 109 fantastic free Doctor Who stickers. Our bumper set includes a huge sticker sheet, a set that glow in dark and also some that are holographic!


What’s inside?

* The wretched Racnoss – read up on the Empress in our fact file.
* A scary mask - become the Beast!
* Time’s up for the 9th Doctor in our adventure guide to The Parting of the Ways, plus a look at the making of his final story.
* Learn how to draw the 10th Doctor!
* Play the What Next? quiz.
* Monster A to Z – this issue O is for Ood.
* In part one of a new comic strip, the Doctor arrives at a haunted house.
* We’ve got brilliant posters of the Face of Boe, the Emperor Dalek and the Doctor and Rose.