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Doctor Who 10th - 11th - 12th Doctors 2015 NYCC Exclusive Comic Book Set of 3 (with connecting covers)

Doctor Who 10th - 11th - 12th Doctors 2015 NYCC Exclusive Comic Book Set of 3 (with connecting covers)
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NYCC 2015 Exclusive Connecting Photo Cover set of 3

Doctor Who 10th - 11th - 12th Doctors Comic Book from Titan

Titan released this very special NYCC triptych cover featuring the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors from the ongoing Doctor Who comic book series.

This triptych forms a special image of the Doctors against a stunning New York skyline.

Tenth Doctor #2.2, Eleventh Doctor #2.1 and Twelfth Doctor #13, which form this special triptych, was only available to pick-up from their Titan booth at the show.

Limited to only 1000 copies sets

Set comes bagged and boarded


10th Doctor - Year Two #2

(W) Nick Abadzis (A) Eleonora Carlini

It's chaos aboard Presley Station, as the corrupted Shan'tee - conceptual beings from a different order of reality - prey on the human colonists, while on the gas giant below, vast storms conjure up winds of horrifying speed that threaten to tear the Station apart! Caught in the middle of the chaos: the Doctor and Gabby! Can the Doctor find the counter-melody that brings peace back to the Station? And can the ever-humming Gabby keep herself from singing to stop her mind being invaded by a sentient song? Meanwhile, back on Earth, Cindy makes up her mind. And in deep space, an old face comes calling!

11th Doctor - Year Two #1

(W) Simon Spurrier, Rob Williams (A) Simon Fraser

New series! New writing team! New laser-filled, time-mangling, galaxy-sploding dynamic! Accused of a genocidal crime he (probably) didn't (possibly) commit (oh hell, he totally did it), the Doctor and Alice - along with a unique new companion! - go on the run. But extreme hyperviolence-for-hire is hot on their tail, tracking them wherever and whenever they go. With chainswords! It's a race to clear our tricksy Time Lord's name and spare the lives of his friends, with the only answers burnt in the fiery footsteps of the incarnation he can never acknowledge: the War Doctor. Breathless twists abound as the Eleventh Doctor series jumps into a new gear, for a new year!

12th Doctor - Year One #13

(W) Robbie Morrison (A) Daniel Indro

The four-part epic first-year finale continues! Earth is under attack from an ancient species who yoked suns and spanned galaxies before we'd even evolved opposable thumbs. Cities are tumbling under their assault, people are dying in droves, and only two people in the universe can save us. But first the Doctor and Clara must save themselves! Burning with fury forged in the heart of stars, armed with technology beyond human comprehension, composed of a fleet of unstoppable warships, the Hyperions have returned at last. Welcome to the Hyperion War. Welcome to the last days of Earth!