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Dark Shadows: DELIVER US FROM EVIL - Audio CD #48 from Big Finish

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Dark Shadows: DELIVER US FROM EVIL - Audio CD #48 from Big Finish
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"I need to tell you what happened…”

Cyrus Longworth – the man who has carried the Son of the Dark Lord in his head since the day he was born.

Sabrina Jennings – the woman who murdered her husband on their wedding night.

Alfie Chapman – the British tourist with a psychopathic streak.

And Danielle Roget – the French murderess who possesses his girlfriend’s body.

Unknown to all of them, they are caught in a tangled web of the Dark Lord's making, which on this night will bring them together and see the culmination of a diabolical plan stretching back since the dawn of time.

Because the Dark Lord has manipulated them all. And all hell is about to break loose.

Written By: Aaron Lamont
Directed By: Ursula Burton & David Darlington


Christopher Pennock (Cyrus Longworth), Lisa Richards (Sabrina Jennings), Simon Kent (Alfie Chapman), Brigid Lohrey (Danielle Rogét), James Unsworth (John), Stephanie Ellyne (Amy Cunningham), John Askew (Carlton Chandler), Wallace McBride (Edgar McBride), Ryan Wichert (Konrad Haller)

Number of Discs: 2