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Dalek Empire: The HUMAN FACTOR #1.2 - Big Finish Audio CD

Dalek Empire: The HUMAN FACTOR #1.2 - Big Finish Audio CD
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Alby Brook and Gordon Pellan are following the best information they have to locate Suz in Dalek-infested space. But what is it the Daleks want with her?

On the slave planet Guria, Alby discovers Suz is already gaining a reputation as something of an angel of mercy. Could it be that she is now working for the Daleks?

But as Suz and Kalendorf travel from planet to planet, a murmur of defiance is growing… "Death to the Daleks! Death to the Daleks!"

Written By: Nicholas Briggs
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes); Gareth Thomas (Kalendorf); Joyce Gibbs(Narrator); Ian Brooker (Wenay/Drudger/Gurian); David Sax (Morebi); Mark McDonnell (Alby Brook); John Wadmore (Pellan); Adrian Lloyd-James (Highness);Georgina Carter (Daughter); Nicholas Briggs & Alistair Lock (Daleks)

Number of Discs: 1