Katy Manning's World Down Under - Reeltime Productions DVD

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Katy Manning's World Down Under - Reeltime Productions DVD


Have you wondered what it’s like being a star i from DOCTOR WHO living in Australia? Almost the only star in fact!

That’s exactly the life KATY has led for the last 20 years (off and on) and you wouldn’t believe the things she gets up to! Well probably you would! In this absolutely, totally and utterly unique production, KATY: Interviews LOUISE PAJO, SUE WILLIS, ROBERT KITTS and KEFF MCULLOCH at an Aussie DOCTOR WHO convention.

She gives us a whirlwind tour of Sydney. Introduces us to the best friend who was her flatmate during DOCTOR WHO. Embarrasses her children again! Persuades her partner, Aussie legend BARRY CROCKER, to step in front of the camera with her. Takes a sideways look at DOCTOR WHO fandom in Australia. There really is only one KATY MANNING…Thank God! This World is too small for any more!

UK Imported DVD - Plays on Region 1 (North America) Machines