The Avengers - The Lost Episodes: Series 5 Boxed Set- Big Finish Audio CD

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The Avengers - The Lost Episodes: Series 5 Boxed Set- Big Finish Audio CD


5.1 Nightmare by Dan Starkey, from a storyline by Terence Feely

When one of his patients, an experimental scientist, goes missing, Dr Keel ends up impersonating him. But not all doctors are on the side of the angels.

5.2 Girl on the Trapeze by Dennis Spooner, adapted by Rae Leaver

The circus has come to town - but after Keel witnesses an apparent suicide, it becomes clear that the clowns are concealing something sinister behind the scenes. 

5.3 Crescent Moon by Phil Mulryne, from a storyline by Geoffrey Bellman and John Whitney

On a Caribbean Island, Steed finds himself caught up in a curious case of kidnapping, where if he wants to save a missing girl, he's got to find out what's really going on... and quickly.

5.4 Diamond Cut Diamond by John Dorney, from a storyline by Max Marquis

A smuggling ring is leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Steed goes undercover as an air steward to investigate, but can he confront the culprit before it's his head on the block?

Written By: Adapted by John Dorney, Rae Leaver, Phil Mulryne, Dan Starkey
Directed By: Ken Bentley


Anthony Howell (Dr Keel), Julian Wadham (John Steed), Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol Wilson), Stephen Critchlow (Doctor Jones), Harry Long (Reece), Bryan Pilkington(Graham Williams), Jane Slavin (Faith Braintree), John Banks (Porter), Paul Thornley (Stevens), Miranda Raison (Vera), Chris Porter (Stefan), Tracy Wiles(Anna), Robbie Stevens (Turek), Faye Castelow (Carmelita), Anjella Mackintosh(Senora Mendoza), Dan Starkey (Vasco), Jot Davies (Carlos), Damien Lynch (Paul),Luis Soto (Bartello), Alice Haig (Stella Creighton), Helen Goldwyn (Fiona Charles),Justin Avoth (Doctor Collard)