Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #16: In Their Own Words (Volume 3) - 1977 to 1981

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Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #16: In Their Own Words (Volume 3) - 1977 to 1981



For almost 30 years, Doctor Who Magazine has documented the making of this unique television series, interviewing every major player, be they actors, directors, producers, designers, writers … even monsters!

This Special Edition gathers together the best of these interviews as the cast and crew themselves recall their part in the legend of Doctor Who, making for a frank, forthright, and insightful memoir – in turns funny, poignant, provocative, and surprising. To illustrate their story we have selected hundreds of amazing pictures – iconic images from the BBC archives, alongside less familiar shots from private collections.

This volume – covering the final years of Tom Baker’s iconic, definitive Doctor – provides a complete primer for newcomers, and a valuable refresher for hardened aficionados. It takes the show through turbulent times in the late 1970s, as strikes, inflation and a battering from moral crusader Mary Whitehouse took their toll on the series and propelled it in new directions. Find out the story of the creation of K9, the Doctor’s mechanical mutt. Discover what lay behind the Doctor’s season-long quest for the Key to Time. Hear first hand what it was like to work alongside a national icon, as the actors who brought companions leela, Romana, Nyssa and Adric have their say. And learn what prompted Tom Baker to lay down his scarf after seven years of intergalactic adventuring …

Featuring contributions from Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Graham Williams, John Leeson, Robert Holmes, Mary Tamm, Douglas Adams, Lalla Ward, John Nathan-Turner, Christopher H Bidmead, Matthew Waterhouse and hundreds more – plus an Afterword by new series writer Gareth Roberts!