Doctor Who THE TIDES OF TIME - Graphic Novel - Panini Books

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Doctor Who THE TIDES OF TIME - Graphic Novel - Panini Books
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The travelling Time Lord has regenerated — and he's back in this third collection of classic comic-strips!

Join the heroic Time Lord in his complete DWM strip collection — six incredible, out-of-this-world adventures from the pen of Steve Parkhouse:

The Tides of Time

Stars Fell on Stockbridge

The Stockbridge Horror

Lunar Lagoon

4-Dimensional Vistas

The Moderator!

In these mind-bending adventures through time, space and alternate realities, the Doctor finds himself up against old enemies — the Ice Warriors and the Meddling Monk — plus an incredible array of new foes — including the demonic Melanicus, the money-grabbing Josiah W Dogbolter, trigger-happy Time Lord Tubal Cain and a ghostly presence aboard his own TARDIS!

Joined by the mysterious Matrix agent Shayde, UFO-spotter Max Edison and time-warped GI Gus Goodman, the Doctor has to contend with threats to the universe, to his own freedom and even to the lives of his companions...

Featuring stunning artwork from the award winning Dave Gibbons, plus Mick Austin and Steve Dillon and scripts from Steve Parkhouse — plus a bonus strip by Paul Neary — these classic comics have been digitally restored for the twenty-first century and are reprinted for the very first time in their original format!


Note: Slight binder imperfection on the upper corner otherwise the book is fine