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Doctor Who Sixth Doctor Adventures - THE QUIN DILEMMA - Big Finish Boxed Set Starring Colin Baker

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Doctor Who Sixth Doctor Adventures - THE QUIN DILEMMA - Big Finish Boxed Set Starring Colin Baker
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To celebrate forty years of wandering through time and space in style, the Sixth Doctor and some of his best friends are about to find themselves in the adventure of his lives...

1. The Exaltation by Jacqueline Rayner
Hints of a temporal anomaly bring the Doctor and Mel to Arunopal on the day King Otho steps down as ruler. But Otho has a dilemma - which of his five sons should succeed to the throne? He has a deadly game in mind to solve the problem - and the target is a certain Time Lord...

2. Escape from Holy Island by Chris Chapman
The history books tell us that on the 8th of June, 793 AD, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne was burnt to the ground by Viking raiders. But history also records that "fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky" - can that be true? With time running out, the Doctor, Peri and a young HG Wells mobilise the island’s monks as the real raiders of Lindisfarne thunder over the North Sea - and they don’t look like Vikings...

3. Sibling Rivalry by Robert Valentine
The Doctor, Constance and Flip are stuck on an alien planet in the middle of a civil war. To make matters worse, the Sontarans have invaded. To make matters worse still, two of the dastardly quins - the volatile Clarent and the odious Dellan - are both on the scene... and the Doctor may not survive their furious competition.

4. Children of the Revolution by Robert Valentine
With their plans causing havoc, wicked quins Clarent and Dellan are at loggerheads. But as the schemes of Sontaran Battle Marshal Skurr reach their climax, the only thing more dangerous than the brothers' competing against each other... is the brothers joining forces.

5. The Thousand Year Thaw by Chris Chapman
Once every thousand years, the frozen planet of Zycros thaws, revealing the most fertile soil in the universe. For a brief window, Zycros becomes the farming capital of the cosmos, and that brings with it many visitors - including a small blue box and its two occupants, keen to stretch their legs. But as the ice melts and the temperature rises, the Doctor and Peri realise that this pleasant stroll may be the last one they ever take together...

6. The Firstborn by Jacqueline Rayner
The Quins have succeeded in their quest - a little too well. Multiple Doctors congregate on Arunopal, bringing with them a terrible threat to reality...

This release comes with a bonus audiobook: The Ultimate Poe by Andrew Collins.

**Please note: the Collectors' Edition CDs are strictly limited to a pressing of just 1,500 copies**


  • Colin Baker (The Doctor)
  • Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown)
  • Lisa Greenwood (Flip Ramon)
  • Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush)
  • Miranda Raison (Mrs Constance Clarke)
  • Jonnie Broadbent (Quins)
  • Andrew Dunn (Otho)
  • Susan Earnshaw (Empress Varia / General Treya / Geminusians)
  • Rhys Jennings (Brother Gladstone / Turka)
  • Nikki Kelly (Madge)
  • Sanjeev Kohli (Brother Boyle / Vallot)
  • Philip Labey (Herbert G Wells / Passing Farmer)
  • Lara Lemon (Quins' computers / Farm Computer)
  • David Monteath (Herald / Brother Marcus / Farmer Hennok)
  • Carrie Quinlan (Zeta / Nan)
  • Dan Starkey (Marshall Skurr / Commander Lurx / Corporal Kreng)


Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs


  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 236 minutes