Doctor Who - DALEK PARLIAMENT Set #2 (TEN DALEKS) - Eaglemoss Figurine - 1:21 Scale (approx. 3 inches each)

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Doctor Who - DALEK PARLIAMENT Set #2 (TEN DALEKS) - Eaglemoss  Figurine  - 1:21 Scale (approx. 3 inches each)

Cast in a specially formulated metallic resin and hand painted.

Imported from Eaglemoss in the UK and licensed by the BBC.

Set of 10 Daleks in a full color gift box.


Watch out the infamous arch-enemies of the Doctor are now together in harmony in this magnificent Daleks Parliament Figurine Set Two containing 10 Daleks from Doctor Who The Official Figurine Collection.

Doctor Who's nemesis includes:

  • Supreme Dalek (“The stolen earth”)
  • New Paradigm Dalek Drone (“Asylum Of The Daleks”)
  • Flamethrower Dalek (“The Stolen Earth”)
  • Imperial Faction Dalek (“Remembrance of the Daleks”)
  • Machine-Gun Dalek (“Death of the Daleks”)
  • Dalek Drone (“The Dalek Invasion Of Earth”)
  • Renegade Supreme Dalek (“Remembrance of the Daleks”)
  • Supreme Dalek (“The Dalek’s Masterplan”)
  • Suicide Squad Dalek (“Destiny of the Daleks”)
  • Dalek Guard (“The Evil of the Daleks”)

These Dalek models present the Doctor's oldest and most feared foe recreates a specific moment from the TV series in loving detail, and every sculpt based on a detailed study of the original production photography, props and drawings. Each Dalek is cast in a special metallic resin and painted by hand, in a perfect 1:21 scale and stands approximately 8 cm tall (3 inches).

Comes with a complete glossy 60-page magazine giving you essential information about the featured character and reveals the inside story of Doctor Who read every adventure detailing the appearance and impact of the characters plus behind the scenes tales.

Presented in a full-colour box.