Doctor Who Complete Series 1 DVD Boxed Set - Starring Christopher Eccelston as the Doctor

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Doctor Who Complete Series 1 DVD Boxed Set - Starring Christopher Eccelston as the Doctor


5-disc DVD of the first season of the new Doctor Who series, in which the world’s longest running science fiction TV franchise reinvents itself into a hip new hit for a new generation.

Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is wise, funny and brave - an adventurer in time and space. His detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world's in danger. But when it comes to human relationships, he can be found wanting. That's why he needs Rose (Billie Piper).

Rose is a shop-girl from the present day, trapped in a dull existence. From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soulmates. They understand and complement each other. With nothing to hold Rose back - neither her over-bearing mum nor her hapless boyfriend - she chooses the Doctor and his promise of fantastic adventures across the universe. And he doesn't let her down...


1. Rose
2. The End of the World
3. The Unquiet Dead
4. Aliens of London
5. World War III
6. Dalek
7. The Long Game
8. Father’s Day
9. The Empty Child
10. The Doctor Dances
11. Boom Town
12. Bad Wolf
13. The Parting of the Ways

Special Features

Disc 1 Video extras include:

- Christopher Eccleston Interview (BBC Breakfast)
- Destroying the Lair
- Making Doctor Who with Russell T. Davies
- Waking the Dead: Mark Gatiss Video Diary
- Laying the Ghosts: Mark Gatiss Video Diary
- Launch trailers

Disc 2 Video extras include:
- Deconstructing Big Ben
- On Set with Billie Piper
- Trailers

Disc 3 Video extras include:
- Mike Tucker’s Mocks of Balloons

Disc 4 Video extras include:
- Designing Doctor Who
- The Adventures of Captain Jack
- Trailers

Disc 5 Video extras include:
- Doctor Who Confidential (175 minutes of behind-the-scenes reports)
- Backstage at Christmas: exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from The Christmas Invasion starring David Tennant as the new Doctor